Egyptian salad “Munkachina”

Egyptian salad Munkachina

Egyptian salad Munkachina



oranges 1 piece
onion 1/4 pieces
pitted olives to taste
ground red pepper to taste
salt to taste
olive oil 1 st. a spoon


Cooking method:

With orange peel cut off, capturing the white plenochku (if possible) and cut them into thin circles. I have to be comfortable there, I cut circles into smaller segments.

Onions (you can take and white and red) finely chop. Olives cut in half or smaller. If you take the green olives, piquant taste will try, but I always do with black only.

On a plate, place a layer of oranges, sprinkle with onions on top. Then put a layer of olives, sprinkle them with pepper (cayenne in the original), salt and pour the olive oil.

Before serving, salad can be at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

For a long time, and I like to cook this exotic oriental salad, and recently learned that in Europe the recipe brought French writer Anatole France.

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