Eggplant with sweet pepper





parsley to taste
thyme to taste
vegetable oil 1 cup
garlic 4 cloves
onion 2-3 head
hot pepper 1 pod
sweet pepper 6 pods
tomatoes 800 grams
eggplants 1 kilogram
basil to taste
coriander to taste
salt to taste
ground pepper to taste


Cooking method:

Prepared eggplant make an incision along the middle. Spoon to remove the core.
Sweet peppers free from seeds, cut into small cubes, season with salt, mix with finely chopped herbs and onions, finely chopped hot pepper, grated garlic. Scald tomatoes, peel and finely chop. Prepared vegetables combine, mix, the resulting mixture Stuff eggplants.

Simmer eggplant with vegetable oil over low heat until tender. When submitting Arrange greens.

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