Eggplant in Bulgarian





Eggplant 6 kg
Tomatoes 1.6 kilograms
onion 1.9 kilograms
garlic 120 grams
parsley 100 grams
vegetable oil 900 grams
salt 150 grams
ground black pepper 0.4 grams
allspice 0.4 grams
cumin seeds 10 grams
→ or fennel seeds 10 grams


Cooking method:

At 10 cans 0.5 liter capacity
Eggplant cut into circles 15-20 mm. Mug placed for 5 minutes in a salt solution of 12% concentration (per 1 L of water 120 g of salt), and then removed, allowed to drain and brine circles until golden fried color oil. Cool.

Onions cleaned, washed, cut rings are fried in vegetable oil. Tomatoes washed, remove the stalk, cut into slices or mince, heated to boiling and rubbed through a sieve. Pureed mass is boiled to reduce the volume to 1/3. Garlic cleaned, finely chopped. Greens wash and finely cut. Stir all the ingredients, add the spices and heat to boiling, stirring constantly.

In the dry warmed banks put a small layer of minced meat, then a layer of fried eggplant and so alternate layers to fill the jar. Top layer to be minced. The filled jars covered and boiled lids placed in a container of water heated to 60-70 ° C for sterilization. Sterilization time at 100 ° C for cans of 0.5 liters – 25 min, 1 l – 35 min. After processing jars hermetically sealed, inverted neck down and cooled.

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