lamb 400 grams
onion 1 head
cilantro 1 beam
broth 3/2 cup
ground black pepper to taste
salt to taste
wheat flour 1 cup
water 5 Art. spoons
egg 1 piece



The flesh of mutton separate from the bones. Boil the broth from the bones, strain it.
Meat mince together with onion, add chopped cilantro, salt, pepper and stir.
Of flour, water, eggs, and salt knead the dough. Roll it into a layer of 1 mm thickness, then cut into squares of 3 × 3 cm.


In the center of each square, place a teaspoon of minced meat and dumplings sformuyte (dyushbara).


Dumplings forms with one of two ways: a square fold in half to form a rectangle (rectangle connect the tips), or in the form of a triangle (sharp corners also connect).


Dumplings gently shake the sieve, freeing from the excess flour, and cook 5 minutes strained broth.
Serve at 8-10 per serving of dumplings, their bay broth and sprinkled with dried mint and herbs. Broth to the dumplings can be served separately.
When a close with a plate put vinegar or vinegar with garlic.

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