Dumplings with prunes





dough dumplings 450 grams
prunes 400 grams
sugar 1/4 cup
curd 100 grams
sour cream 1 cup



Prunes fill with warm water and leave for 40 minutes to swell. Then drain the water.
Soaked prunes pour 2 cups boiling water and cook until tender. Cool.


Cooked prunes, wipe through a sieve.
In the puree add the sugar plum puree and warm over low heat, cool.
Curd connect with mashed prunes and mix.



Roll out the dough into the reservoir via a circular groove cut out circles.
In each circle put the filling, combine the edge of the dough and Pinch.
Dumplings boil 5 minutes in salted water.
When serving pour sour cream and decorate with greenery.

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