Duck with peaches and prunes


pulp duck – 500g
sour peaches, dried – 300 grams of
prunes, pitted – 300g
onion, chopped – 4 heads
garlic, minced – 6 cloves of
dry red wine – 2 cups
wheat flour, dried – 2 tbsp. tablespoons
ground black pepper -. 2 tsp
salt – 1 tsp.


Cooking method:

Pulp marinate duck with onion, garlic, pepper, salt, wine, and left in the cold during the day.
Marinated duck fry until golden brown without adding fat, put a little marinade and stew on low heat in a sealed container until it is ready, from time to time by adding the marinade. Add salt if necessary. After quenching put peaches, plums, and warm up for 5 minutes.

To prepare the sauce evolved in fire duck sochok mix with 3 cups of water, add the flour and, stirring constantly, until thick warm.

Serve the duck with fruit sauce.

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