“Dobos” cake





egg dough – 8 pcs. and cream -. 6 units
to test sugar – 120 g and cream – 200g
wheat flour – 120 g of
chocolate grated – 100 g
butter – 200 g of


Cooking method:

For the test mash the egg yolks with sugar until sugar is dissolved and the mass increase in volume by 2-3 times, add flour, stir well, then carefully enter whipped into a solid foam egg whites.
From the resulting dough bake 4-5 identical in size cakes and let them cool.

For the cream the sugar, eggs and chocolate pound in a water bath until thick, cool slightly and add the beaten white-hot oil and a few drops of vanilla, diluted with hot water.

Grease cream cakes are cooked, put on each other. The walls of the cake and brush with cream. Arrange desired.

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