Cottage cheese and cranberry ice cream (2)





cottage cheese 450 grams
cranberries 225 grams
sugar 225 grams
cream thick 400 grams
honey 2 Art. spoons
roasted almonds 2 Art. spoons


Cooking method:

Several cranberries aside for decoration, chop the rest into a puree and mix it with half the amount of sugar.
Curd wipe through a sieve and whisk with the remaining sugar until cream consistency.

Cream whisk in stable foam, set aside part for decoration, the rest mixed with curd cream. Add cranberry sauce and mix.

Form to grease the pudding with honey and sprinkle with almonds. Top with cream cheese and place it on 4-5 hours in the freezer.

Before serving, dip the form of a few seconds in hot water, put sliced ​​ice cream in a dish. Pour honey Arrange remaining berries and whipped cream.

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