Cookies “Baklava”





Wheat flour – 200 g
butter – 100 g of
water to test – 80 g and the syrup – 200 g
walnuts peeled – 50g
Cinnamon – 1 g of
citric acid to the dough and the syrup
vegetable oil – 50 g
sugar – 250 grams


Cooking method:

Sift the flour slide, do it in the groove. Pour in water, add citric acid and salt to taste. Knead the dough. Well knead for 15-20 minutes. Divide into 5 parts, each grease on top of vegetable oil and refrigerate.

Every piece of dough roll, put a little bit in the middle of the flour mixture with butter, roll in an envelope, roll out again, fold in 3 layer and place in refrigerator for 30 minutes. Again, roll, fold into 4 layers, cool. This operation was repeated further 3 times.

Roll out the dough for the last time with a thin layer, put him crushed and mixed with cinnamon walnuts. Roll the dough roll and roll Vitushka. Bake.

Cookies soak 12 hours, then pour the cold syrup. For sugar syrup, dilute with water and cook over low heat, then add citric acid.

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