Chocolate pudding “Tenderness night”





Milk 550 ml
sugar 150 grams
corn starch 60 grams
cocoa powder 60 grams
butter 100 grams
dark chocolate 100 grams
Vanilla essence 1 h. a spoon
G rose 0.5 h. spoons



Pudding – a classic English dessert. Puddings prepared initially on the basis of flour or bread and baked them in the oven! We are with you will be very easy to cook the pudding on the basis of milk, which is cool and will serve as a delicious dessert. We will prepare the necessary products.


In a small saucepan, pour the milk and add sugar! Well heated until sugar is dissolved.


Add the corn starch and cocoa powder pink salt. I recommend to use in puddings and mousse desserts namely Himalayan pink salt! She is very gentle and soft accentuate sweetness and delicate flavor dessert!
Good stir the mixture so as not to have formed clumps! Bring to a boil and slightly diminish the fire. Cook 3-4 minutes, stirring constantly! The mixture will thicken – do not let it burn on!


Remove the mixture from the heat and add the vanilla essence and butter! As you can see, quickly formed a nasty film on the surface – because it is very active and give a break not to delay her dessert.


Following the oil ship broken into pieces of chocolate and again stir the pudding until it dissolves.
Now there are two scenarios:
1) can be obtained pudding spread to pour on in portions kremanki or glasses, and send already in them to solidify (do not forget to cover with cling film to avoid the appearance of the same brown) 2) leave all the pudding in one vessel, cover with cling film and put them in the refrigerator until completely cool down and thicken. Then fill them culinary package and nicely portioned deposited into kremanki (I chose this option)


Decorate the pudding of your choice! I did it a biscuit “Savoyardy” with pink beads. Yet we are preparing for a romantic celebration? Enjoy your meal and enjoy a romantic dinner complete !!!

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