Chocolate mousse


chocolate grated 1 cup
Fatty cream 1 cup
milk 1/3 cup
egg yolks 2 pieces
egg whites 1 piece
sugar 2 Art. spoons
Rum 2 hours. spoons
fatty cream 1/2 cup
sugar 2 hours. spoons


Cooking method:

Whip cream in a mixer lush lather.
Chocolate combine with milk, put on a moderate fire and melt, stirring constantly, then add the egg yolks and rum, enter the cream and stir until smooth.

Egg whites whip in a blender, add sugar and a little beat up, then combine with the chocolate mass and mix gently.

Ready mix shift into a serving bowl, cover and place in refrigerator for 4-5 hours.

To make the cream mixed with sugar, whipped into a lush lather and place in a piping bag and otsadit mousse in the shape of small roses.

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