Chocolate brownie (2)


butter 170 grams
dark chocolate 100 grams
Nuts 100 grams
sugar 250 grams
eggs 3 pieces
flour 150 grams
vanilla 1 gram


Cooking method:

Who can be indifferent to the chocolate and nut dessert? Unless ardent haters of chocolate?)) But we have something you do not belong to them, so let’s prepare for myself and for their loved ones this yummy home.

To prepare the brownies, we need to:

170 g butter
100g dark chocolate
100 g of nuts
250-400 grams of sugar (if you do not like very sweet, put less sugar)
3 eggs
150 g flour
1 g of vanillin

Butter and chocolate put in a bowl and melt the everything in the microwave, periodically opening it and stirring the mixture.

Meanwhile, nuts (peanuts, I took) was ground in a blender. can grind so as you like. If you want nuts in brownies feel it is better not to grind too finely.

The oil-melted chocolate mixture ship sugar, eggs, flour, vanilla and nuts. All mix thoroughly and pour into a baking dish. We put our brownie in a preheated 180 degree oven for about 35 minutes (baking time also depends on your form is resized, the main thing to make sure that Brown is not dried up).

When the brownie is ready, cut into squares it, took out the form and entertained his family and friends.

Bon Appetit! Rejoice yourself and your loved ones!

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