Eggs 6 pieces
sugar 250 grams
raisins 200 grams
chopped walnuts 200 grams
Wheat flour 5 Art. spoons
Water 6 art. spoons
jam 4 Art. spoons
egg whites 5 pieces
sugar 200 grams
vanilla sugar 1 h. a spoon


Cooking method:

Egg yolks, beat the sugar until white, add nuts, raisins, flour, water and knead the dough. Then enter whipped into a stable foam proteins.
Spread dough evenly on a greased or lined with baking parchment.

Bake the cake at 200 ° C until ready. Leave it for a while on a baking sheet, then passed on to the bars and chill.

Whisk the egg whites with the sugar and vanilla sugar in a steady weight.

Ready cake grease with a thin layer of jam at first, then protein cream.

Place the sponge cake with cream on the grill, bake for 1-2 minutes, the cream has acquired a golden otttenok.

Biscuit cool.

Before serving, cut the cake with a knife dipped into square cakes.

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