Chikenburger “teriyaki”

Chikenburger teriyaki

Chikenburger teriyaki



hamburger buns 4 pcs
minced chicken 300 grams
milk 50 grams
egg 1 piece
onions 2 heads
soy sauce 100 grammes
tomatoes 1 piece
mayonnaise 100 grams
lettuce leaves 4 pieces
ground black pepper to taste
salt to taste



Mix the minced chicken, milk, egg, finely chopped onion, salt and pepper.


Sformuyte 4 patties and fry them until cooked in vegetable oil. Ready cutlets pour soy teriyaki sauce and leave for soaking for 10 minutes.


Cut the rolls in half and the lower half lay lettuce, lubricate them with mayonnaise and place chops. Cover the cutlets with tomato slices and top half of bun.

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