Chicken with mushrooms in rice paper


chicken breast 300 grams
fresh mushrooms 10 pieces
onion 1 piece
cream 5 Art. spoons
salt to taste
paprika to taste
bread crumbs to taste
vegetable oil to taste
rice paper to taste


Cooking method:

Boil until half the breast. Mushrooms washed, cleaned, cut into small cubes, chop the onion.
Onion fry until golden brown, add the mushrooms, cream and cook until tender. Add chopped into small pieces of chicken, season with salt and season with paprika. Remove from heat and cool.

When the filling has cooled down, soak rice paper (pour into a shallow dish a little warm water and immerse 1 sheet for half a minute, then get out of the water and lay on the mat, neatly spread).

On the soggy paper put 1 tbsp. spoon the finished filling. Tuck the edges on three sides and roll up everything in the roll. Roll in bread crumbs and fry until golden brown.

You can eat rolls both hot and cold.

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