Cherry-banana milkshake


cherry 100 grams
milk 200 ml
Bananas 2 pieces


In order to prepare a milkshake, we need tasty, ripe and fragrant cherry. Now the season of cherries and it is not difficult to find. To begin prepare berry: swill and get rid of the seeds. This can be done by conventional pins. The juice from the cherries do not pour.
Next, prepare a banana. Although it is an exotic fruit – you can find it at any time. Bananas cleanse and can cut into pieces.
Prepare a glass of milk. It is desirable, that it was cold. After all, we want a cool drink. If there is ice cream – add it as well. Then it will be even tastier. It takes only a few balls. But this is a matter of taste.
All our ingredients: banana, cherry, milk and sugar in a bowl send to the blender and stir well to form a foam. Sweetness can adjust itself.
That’s all. Fragrant, sweet and delicious cocktail is ready. It took quite a bit of your time. Now, we enjoy a delicious drink. This cocktail is suitable if on the verge of a sudden there were guests. Good mood all year.

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