Chanakhi (meat with vegetables in Georgian)




About the recipe:

Traditionally, this dish is prepared in a low clay pots called vats. It is not difficult to guess that hence the name of the dish. It is best to cook chanakhi portioned in pots, but you can use a large pot. The advantage of this dish is that it is very satisfying, because it contains large amounts of meat and vegetables, as well as the fact that it is not time-consuming preparation.



flesh of mutton 400 grams
eggplants 4 pieces
onion 4 head
tomatoes 4 pieces
potatoes 4 pieces
garlic 4 cloves
parsley 4 sprigs
green basil 4 sprigs
ground black pepper to taste
salt to taste



Mutton cut into thin strips, put in pots.


Garlic, onion and finely chopped greens and mix. Eggplant cut along the thin slices, roll in rolls, starting with a mixture of garlic and herbs.


Rolls put in pots on top of the meat.


Potato tubers cut into 4 pieces, lay on top of the eggplant. The last layer -. Prepared in the same way tomatoes, salt and pepper pots cover and put in a cold oven, which is then heated to 200 ° C. After 40-50 minutes, remove the lid, reduce the temperature to 150-160 ° C and simmer chanakhi oven for approximately 40 minutes. serve in pots.

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