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  Ingredients: beef shin 1 kilogram celery 50 grams parsley 5-6 sprigs onion 1 head Garlic 2-3 cloves allspice 2-3 pea bay leaves 1-2 pieces salt to taste   Meat wash, cut into pieces of medium size, put in a saucepan, pour 2.5 liters of water, bring it to a boil. The fire reduced so [Continue]

Kharcho beef


  Ingredients: beef 1 kilo onion 3-4 head tomato paste 2 Art. spoons bay leaf 3 pieces Figure 1 cup tomatoes 300 grams lemon 1 piece coriander 5 sprigs parsley leaves 5 sprigs garlic 1 clove hot pepper to taste salt to taste   Cooking method:   Beef (lean bacon) wash, chop into pieces and [Continue]

Kharcho Georgian


  About the recipe: Soup Recipe kharcho Georgian known set. Usually it consists of beef, grated walnuts and tklapi – candy from tkemali or plum which is dried in the sun plates no more than 3 mm thick folded and stored in a tube. However, grub sometimes made from lamb and pork, and tklapi replace [Continue]

Chikhirtma (2)


  About the recipe: Amazingly tender chicken soup, featuring a very original taste. Cooking chikhirtma – activity that requires time and accuracy, because this soup two refueling – flour and egg yolk. Introducing them to the chicken broth should be very careful, strictly following the recommendations, otherwise the taste and the kind of food can [Continue]

Levzhi with chicken


  Ingredients: water 2 liters chicken 1 piece potatoes 5-6 pieces onion 1 head wheat flour 1/2 Art. spoons sour cream 250 grams garlic 3 cloves basil chopped 2 Art. spoons chopped cilantro 2 Art. spoons chopped dill 2 Art. spoons ground black pepper to taste salt to taste   Cooking method: 1 Prepared chicken [Continue]

Guyyash Soup (Gulyás)


  Ingredients: Beef pulp 360 grams pork fat 80 grams → or vegetable oil 80 grams onion 150 grams Powdered paprika 15 grams salt to taste cumin to taste garlic taste Potatoes 800 grams sweet pepper 140 grams fresh tomatoes 60 grams egg 1 piece wheat flour 80 grams beef broth to taste → or [Continue]

Cauliflower soup (3)


Ingredients: butter 4 Art. spoons parsley root 1 piece onion 1 head carrot 1 piece cauliflower 500 grams Water 6 cups salt to taste   Cooking method: Onion, parsley root and carrots cut into strips, connect, sauté on masle.Kapustu disassemble into florets. In boiling salted water, put the browned vegetables, simmer 10-15 minutes. Then add [Continue]