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Lamb shoulder blade

About the recipe: Lamb – a favorite type of meat in the East. No holiday is complete without it dishes made with lamb. In case there are different parts of the carcass. Lamb shoulder blade, for example, roasted whole, stuffed, cooked, out of her make different rolls. Cooking can be on an open fire, but [Continue]

Sausages Chicken

Ingredients: chicken 110 grams fat 30 g Cream 40 grams flour 15 grams garnish 150 grams oil 10 grams fat 10 g   Cooking method: Chicken butcher. Meat mince 2 times, season with salt, nutmeg, put the finely chopped bacon, dilute cream or milk, beat well. Form small sausages, breaded in flour and fry in [Continue]

Hungarian Goulash (2)


  Ingredients: beef 1 kilo carrots 2 pieces onions 2 pieces Powdered paprika 2 Art. spoons tomato paste 2 Art. spoons garlic 3 cloves red wine vinegar 4 Art. spoons sweet pepper 2 pieces cherry tomatoes 500 grams water 1.5 liters bay leaves 2 pieces thyme 2 sprigs rosemary 2 sprigs parsley 2 sprigs olive [Continue]

Pechene at home


  Ingredients: pork loin 600 grams salt to taste ground black pepper to taste Powdered paprika 1-2 Art. spoons flour taste pork fat 2-3 Art. spoons vegetable oil 2-3 Art. spoons   Cooking method:   Pork loin chop chop chunks as 1 cm, repulse, salt and pepper. Heat a frying pan, fat or vegetable maslo.Muku [Continue]

Goulash of veal


  Ingredients: veal 500 grams red wine 50 ml Potatoes 6 pieces paprika 2 Art. spoons onion 3 pieces bay leaves 2 pieces water 500 ml Garlic 1-2 cloves vegetable oil 3 Art. spoons   Cooking method: Veal rinsed and cut into pieces the size of a walnut, salt, potatoes, peel and cut into slices [Continue]



  Ingredients: veal pulp 600 grams onions 2 heads melted butter 4 Art. spoons sweet pepper 2 pieces tomatoes 2 pieces sour cream 1 cup wheat flour 2 hours. spoons paprika minced 1 article. a spoon salt 1 h. a spoon   Cooking method: Veal chop pieces. Onions chop, fry in butter until transparent, sprinkle [Continue]

Sausages in a pot

Ingredients: potatoes to taste sour taste sausage smoked taste eggs to taste cheese taste   Cooking method: 1.Otvarit eggs hard-boiled, boiled potatoes. Cut them into slices. 2. Pot pour sour cream to hide the bottom. Put a layer of potatoes, a layer of sausage, cut thick slices, egg layer. Pour the sour cream. Then, similarly [Continue]

Meat sheep in Hungarian


  Ingredients: lamb (breast with kotyu) – 1.5-2 kg onions – 1.5 kg fat baked pork – 100 g sugar – 1 tbsp. tablespoon paprika – 1 1/2 tsp. salt black pepper cayenne pepper greens chopped – 3 tbsp. spoons of wheat flour – 1 1/2 Art. tablespoons flour soup meat – 1 liter   [Continue]

Pörkölt veal


  Ingredients: veal – 750 g pulp of onion – 1 head bacon baked pork – 200 g paprika minced – 1 tbsp. spoon pepper sweet green and red – on 1 pod wine sweet – 1/2 cup salt   Cooking method: The meat cut into cubes of medium size. Onions grate. Peppers remove seeds [Continue]