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Pechene at home


  Ingredients: pork loin 600 grams salt to taste ground black pepper to taste Powdered paprika 1-2 Art. spoons flour taste pork fat 2-3 Art. spoons vegetable oil 2-3 Art. spoons   Cooking method:   Pork loin chop chop chunks as 1 cm, repulse, salt and pepper. Heat a frying pan, fat or vegetable maslo.Muku [Continue]

“Kremesh” cake


  Ingredients: puff pastry 1-1.5 kilograms milk 1 liter egg yolks 12 pieces sugar 500 grams flour 80 grams vanilla sugar 1 sachet butter 200 grams powdered sugar to taste   Puff pastry into two equal parts and bake two sheets Boil cream in a water bath: mix in a bowl the flour, sugar, vanilla [Continue]



  Ingredients: flour 1 kilo Milk 500 ml cream 150 ml yeast 25 grams salt 1 of Art. a spoon sugar 1 pinch   Cooking method: Lángos is something like the Magyar (Hungarian) fast food, which is love, and in Hungary, and in the Carpathians, and in the Czech Republic, and Slovakii.Eto tasty and appetizing [Continue]

Coconut kremesh

Coconut kremesh

  Ingredients: Wheat flour 250 grams margarine 150 grams sugar 150 grams egg 1 piece baking powder for the dough 1 Bank cocoa 1 st. a spoon sour taste egg whites 8 pieces sugar 250 grams coconut 200 grams Milk 300 ml wheat flour 3 Art. spoons egg yolks 6 pieces powdered sugar 100 grams [Continue]

Pie “Gerbeaud” (2)


  Ingredients: flour 500 grams margarine 250 grams fat 200 grams egg yolks 2 pieces sugar 3 Art. spoons yeast 20 grams milk 10 milliliters baking powder for the dough 1/2 cans jam to taste ground walnuts 200 grams sugar 200 grams oil 80 grams sugar 80 grams cocoa 20 grams milk 2 Art. spoons [Continue]

Pie “Gerbeaud”


  Ingredients: flour 400 grams margarine 200 grams yeast 10 grams baking powder for the dough 1/2 packs vanilla sugar 1 st. a spoon egg 1 piece ground walnuts 150 grams sugar 150 grams Apricot jam to taste chocolate milk to taste   Cooking method: Old, kind, and probably the most popular and beloved Hungarian [Continue]

Bear paws


  Ingredients: flour 500 grams pork fat 200 grams nuts, ground 180 grams sugar 300 grams Clove powder 2 pieces Powdered cinnamon to taste lemon peel 1 st. a spoon   Cooking method: This is an old Hungarian recipe from my grandmother’s husband, she had baked it for Christmas cookies, see how products are not [Continue]