Category: Hot snacks with meat

Lamb Oriental


  Ingredients: minced 500 grams pine nuts 100 grams vegetable oil 1 st. a spoon onion 1 head allspice 1 h. a spoon salt to taste leaves of lettuce 200 grams cilantro 1 beam sour cream 200 grams Armenian lavash slim 6 pieces cumin 1 st. a spoon   Cooking method:   Pine nuts warm [Continue]

Veal with cognac and garlic

Ingredients: sirloin of beef 200 grams garlic 15 grams pepper to taste butter 15 grams vegetable oil 15 grams soy sauce 50 grams brandy 20 grams   Cooking method: Tenderloin cut into medallions, thinly repulse. Prepare the sauce. Connect the soy and the cognac, squeeze garlic to the mixture and stir. Veal and pepper and [Continue]

Snack east

Ingredients: lamb 140 grams onions 40 grams tomatoes 90 grams melted butter 15 grams Broth 50 grams sauce 15 grams plum 20 grams lemons 1/10 pieces coriander to taste dill to taste mint taste   Cooking method: Mutton cut into 6-8 pieces per serving, lightly beat off, salt and fry in melted butter, pour the [Continue]

Machanka (2)


  Ingredients: smoked ribs 16 pieces vegetable oil 2 Art. spoons onion 1 head sausage 200 grams sour cream 1 cup wheat flour 1 st. a spoon butter 2 Art. spoons beef broth 1 cup ground black pepper to taste salt to taste   Cooking method: For the sauce, dry the flour in a pan, [Continue]