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Qistibi with potatoes


  About the recipe: And the Tatar and Bashkir cuisine since ancient times been popular qistibi. It is folded in half a cake stuffed with vegetables or cereals. Since the 19th century, when we began to grow potatoes, qistibi began to prepare and mashed potatoes. Kystybyya offers recipes with potatoes, served hot with melted butter. [Continue]



About the recipe: Qistibi – one of the oldest pastry in the Tatar and Bashkir in the kitchen. It is very easy to prepare and is folded in half a cake stuffed with mashed potatoes or millet porridge. Qistibi with mashed potatoes began to prepare relatively recently – only in the late XIX century, and [Continue]



  Ingredients: flour 1 kilo Milk 500 ml cream 150 ml yeast 25 grams salt 1 of Art. a spoon sugar 1 pinch   Cooking method: Lángos is something like the Magyar (Hungarian) fast food, which is love, and in Hungary, and in the Carpathians, and in the Czech Republic, and Slovakii.Eto tasty and appetizing [Continue]