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  Ingredients: eggs 5 pieces water 1 cup wheat flour 1 kilo butter 300-500 grams suluguni 1 kilogram sour cream 200 grams salt to taste   Cooking method: Beat eggs, add water, flour, salt and knead the dough. Divide the dough into 8 pieces, the first of which must be greater than the other. Sformuyte [Continue]

Khachapuri Puff

About the recipe: Khachapuri – tortillas with cheese – previously prepared from salted curd mass, which reflects the name of the dish itself (in Georgian “hacho” – bread, “puri” – cheese). Species khachapuri there are so many, in fact they can be prepared with different fillings: cheese, eggs, vegetables, herbs, meat, game. In the Caucasus, [Continue]