Category: Eastern kitchen

Lamb Oriental


  Ingredients: minced 500 grams pine nuts 100 grams vegetable oil 1 st. a spoon onion 1 head allspice 1 h. a spoon salt to taste leaves of lettuce 200 grams cilantro 1 beam sour cream 200 grams Armenian lavash slim 6 pieces cumin 1 st. a spoon   Cooking method:   Pine nuts warm [Continue]

Cake “Scheherazade”


  Ingredients: For the dough: semolina 1.2 cups eggs 2 pieces butter 80 grams Natural yogurt 1.5 cups sugar 2/3 cup vanilla sugar 1 h. a spoon baking powder for the dough 12 grams For the glaze: sugar 1/2 cup lemon juice 2 Art. spoons   Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Softened butter [Continue]

Salad “Tabula” with crabs


  Ingredients: tomatoes 2 pieces boiled meat 120 grams Lemons 2 pieces chopped green onions 4 Art. spoons chopped mint 2 Art. spoons chopped parsley 5 Art. spoons olive oil 3 Art. spoons Tabasco sauce 2 drops ground black pepper to taste salt to taste   Tomatoes, notched peel, pour over boiling water, cool and [Continue]

Veal with cognac and garlic

Ingredients: sirloin of beef 200 grams garlic 15 grams pepper to taste butter 15 grams vegetable oil 15 grams soy sauce 50 grams brandy 20 grams   Cooking method: Tenderloin cut into medallions, thinly repulse. Prepare the sauce. Connect the soy and the cognac, squeeze garlic to the mixture and stir. Veal and pepper and [Continue]

Turkey with apples

Ingredients: turkey fillets to taste apples to taste onion to taste soy sauce taste salt to taste pepper to taste herbs to taste   Cooking method: In the heated iron pot or pan with a thick bottom (not Teflon) pour refined sunflower oil and put chopped turkey, cover and, stirring occasionally, bring to half over [Continue]

Warm salad Oriental


  Ingredients: chicken fillet 2 pieces lettuce leaves 150 grams Long grain rice 130 grams sweet red pepper 1 piece frozen green peas 175 grams mini-corn 400 grams ketchup 1 st. a spoon Chili ketchup 2 Art. spoons sherry 2 Art. spoons soy sauce 1 st. a spoon olive oil 2 hours. spoons onion 1 [Continue]

Coffee in the east with ice cream

Ingredients: grated chocolate to taste grated chocolate to taste coffee taste sugar to taste lemon to taste cream 3 hours. spoons   Cooking method: Prepare the coffee, add sugar to taste. Top with ice cream. On rub cream milk chocolate. By making a small incision in the lemon, plug it into a glass.