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  Ingredients: cabbage 1 kilogram beet 300-400 grams celery root with greens 200-300 grams garlic 10 cloves salt 3 Art. spoons burning pepper to taste   Kochan cabbage clean from the upper leaves, wash, cut into 8-10 pieces, remove the stalks. Pieces of cabbage for 5-6 minutes dipped in boiling water, then remove and cool. [Continue]

Jam of eggplant


  About the recipe: This jam is unusual and quite time-consuming to prepare. Eggplants should be chosen to jam small – no more than 8-10 cm long and 3-4 cm in diameter. Usually this early varieties, maturing in southern latitudes in June or early July.   Ingredients: eggplant 24 pieces Sugar 2.4 kilograms baking soda [Continue]

Hungarian lecho (2)


  Ingredients: sweet pepper 1 kilogram onions 2 pieces Fresh tomatoes 6 pieces carrots 2 pieces vegetable oil 100 grams salt to taste ground pepper to taste sugar 1 st. a spoon spice mix to taste   Bulgarian sweet pepper wash. It is advisable to choose a colorful red, green, yellow. This pepper will look [Continue]

Pepper oil in Bulgarian


  Ingredients: sweet pepper 2.5 kilograms garlic 1 head parsley root 1 piece water 500 grams 5% vinegar 1 cup vegetable oil 250 grams sugar 100 g salt to taste   Cooking method: Marinade 1. Dissolve salt in water, sugar, add vinegar and vegetable oil. 2. pepper, seeded, cut into rings, root parsley – circles. [Continue]

Eggplant in Bulgarian


  Ingredients: Eggplant 6 kg Tomatoes 1.6 kilograms onion 1.9 kilograms garlic 120 grams parsley 100 grams vegetable oil 900 grams salt 150 grams ground black pepper 0.4 grams allspice 0.4 grams cumin seeds 10 grams → or fennel seeds 10 grams   Cooking method: At 10 cans 0.5 liter capacity Eggplant cut into circles [Continue]