Category: Canned fruits and berries

Jam made from oranges


  Ingredients: oranges 1 kilo water 2 cups sugar 1 kilogram   Cooking method: 1. Oranges peeled, cut into slices, removing seeds. Juice. released during cutting, save. 2. In the boiling water, add sugar, dissolve it, boil the syrup for 2 minutes, then drain. The syrup cool. 3. Prepared oranges with juice pour the syrup, [Continue]



  Ingredients: fruit or berry juice to taste   Cooking method: 1. Freshly juice bring to a boil, reduce heat to very weak and boil down the juice without the lid to reduce the amount of liquid by half. During cooking, you need to periodically remove the foam formed. 2. To continue the cooking to [Continue]

Compote dogwood

About the recipe: The name dogwood was due to red fruit, as translated from the Turkic word meaning “red.” His eaten since time immemorial, but the healing properties of dogwood also wrote the “father of medicine” Hippocrates. Of the fruit can be cooked jam, jam, juice, jam, candy, jellies, mashed potatoes, seasoning for various dishes. [Continue]

Jam with cherry and nuts


  Ingredients: cherry 1 kilogram sugar 1 kilogram water 1.5 cups Vanilla 4.1 h. spoons lemon 1 piece walnuts 200-300 grams   Cherries cleared of stones. You can use the normal female hairpins. Special devices for the separation of the bones should be avoided, as they make their way through cherries. Walnuts cut into pieces [Continue]

Pear Jam

Ingredients: pear 3 kilograms sugar 1/2 kilo water 2/2 cup Carnation 3-4 bud cinnamon taste white wine vinegar 2 hours. spoons   Cooking method: Pears washed, cut each into 4 pieces, remove the core. Cover the pears with sugar and leave for the night. Then pour the water pears, add spices and simmer until thick. [Continue]

Currant jam

Ingredients: currants 1 kilogram white wine vinegar 1 h. a spoon water 3 cups sugar 2 kilograms   Cooking method: Boil syrup. Washed berries are dipped in hot syrup and cook on high heat until thick. At the end of cooking, add the vinegar and boil for 2-3 minutes jam. Then jam remove from heat [Continue]