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Puff roast lamb


  Ingredients: flesh of mutton 400 grams 4-5 pieces of potatoes onion 1-2 head parsley 1 beam ground coriander 1 h. a spoon olive oil 20-30 milliliters ground black pepper to taste salt to taste bay leaf to taste fresh thyme to taste   Mutton is cut into medallions and marinate a bit: 1 tsp [Continue]

Fishing “buglama”


  Ingredients: fish 500 grams coriander 1 beam green onion 1 beam parsley 1 beam dill 1 beam sweet pepper 1-2 pod onions 2 heads Turmeric powder 1 h. a spoon coriander seeds 1 st. a spoon cardamom 3-5 pods dried savory 1 h. a spoon cherry tomatoes 10-12 pieces Champagne 350 milliliters ground black [Continue]

“Sladkiy piroq”

Ingredients: yogurt 4 cups sugar 3 cups vanilla powder 3 sachets eggs 3 pieces salt 1 pinch flour 4 cups vegetable oil 2 cups First take a deep bowl yogurt and then the sand and mix everything together in the bowl until dissolved and will not be like penu.dobavlyaem vanilla eggs and a pinch of [Continue]



  Ingredients: flesh of mutton 400 grams Wheat flour 250 grams egg 1 piece 100 milliliters of water onion 150 grams 100 grams of sweet pepper 250 grams of tomatoes boiled potatoes 100 grams broth 700 grams   Boiled meat cut into slices. Of flour and water with salt and egg dough is kneaded and [Continue]

“Kebab” Azerbaijan


  Ingredients: Lamb 2.5 kilograms onion 1 head onions 16 pieces vegetable oil 2 Art. spoons ground black pepper to taste salt to taste Garlic 16 items   Mutton (loin or brisket on the bone) cut into pieces with bones.   Salt and pepper.   Pieces of lamb drizzle with oil, sprinkle with finely chopped [Continue]



  Ingredients: lamb 400 grams onion 1 head cilantro 1 beam broth 3/2 cup ground black pepper to taste salt to taste wheat flour 1 cup water 5 Art. spoons egg 1 piece   The flesh of mutton separate from the bones. Boil the broth from the bones, strain it. Meat mince together with onion, [Continue]

Azerbaijan pilaf


  Ingredients: Long grain rice 3 cups lamb 1 kilo melted butter 250 grams onion 300 grams pomegranate seeds 1/2 cup raisins 300 grams dried apricots 300 grams prunes 300 grams butter 100 grams sugar 2 Art. spoons egg 1 piece sour cream 3 Art. spoons wheat flour taste saffron 1 pinch ground black pepper [Continue]