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Pumpkin-apple compote


  Ingredients: pumpkin 300 grams apples 3 pieces sugar 1 cup lemon 1 piece white wine vinegar 1/2 cup apple juice 1 cup Carnation 2 bud   Cooking method: Apple peel and seeds, cut into strips. Pumpkin cut, remove the peel and remove the seeds. The flesh of pumpkin cut into strips. Pour the apples [Continue]

Tournedos in Tyrolean


  Ingredients: Beef liver 1 kilogram tomatoes 1-2 pieces onions 2 pieces potatoes 500 grams chopped parsley 1 st. a spoon vegetable oil 2 cups horseradish root 1 h. a spoon white bread 18-24 slices ginger powder 1 pinch ground black pepper to taste salt to taste   Cooking method: Meat slice 1 cm thick, [Continue]

Apple strudel (2)


  Ingredients: Wheat flour 250 pieces wheat flour 1 piece olive oil 2 hours. spoons vinegar 8% 1.2 h. spoons salt 1 pinch sour apples 1 kilogram butter 100 grams raisins 100 grams brown sugar 250 grams walnuts 100 grams crackers, ground 100 grams lemon juice 1 h. a spoon Powdered cinnamon to taste   [Continue]

Snack Viennese

  Ingredients: Cold veal or ham lean – 12 slices of carrots marinated – 4 pcs. pickled cucumbers – 4 pcs. cauliflower – 1 head of marinated mushrooms – 12 pcs. mayonnaise – 6 tablespoons. spoons of lemon juice black pepper, mustard, salt to taste Cooking method: Cabbage disassemble on Kocheshkov, boil in salted water, [Continue]

Austrian entrecote


  Austrian entrecote Austrian entrecoteBuy photos to the photo bank 5717 4 40 minutes 2 servings Dish Type: Meat and offal National cuisine: Austrian cuisine Recipe added: 13.10.2009 Calories: Average ID recipe from the book: 2592 (Lunch with the family) Author Million Menu Ingredients: Wheat flour – 10 g ground pepper salt parsley white wine [Continue]

Cake “Viennese”


  Ingredients: melted butter – 1 cup sugar – 1 cup of sweet almonds – 1 cup crushed kernels egg -. 3 pcs wheat flour – 1 1/4 cup egg white – 1 piece. powdered sugar – 100 g lemon juice – 1/2 Art. Spoon jam to taste   Cooking method: Oil slightly cool, place [Continue]

Shortbread Viennese

  Ingredients: wheat flour 1.5 cups dough for baking powder 2 hours. spoons egg yolks 6 pieces sugar 1 cup butter 125 grams vanilla sugar 1 h. a spoon   Cooking method: Sift flour with baking powder, mix, add egg yolks, melted butter, sugar and vanilla sugar. Quickly knead the dough and put it in [Continue]