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American Pancake (2)

Ingredients: milk 2 cups flour 2 cups sugar 0.5 cup eggs 2 pieces vanilla 1 gram baking powder for the dough 10 grams   Cooking method: A wonderful, quick and hearty breakfast or a wonderful, tasty dessert for tea? It’s simple, cook American Pancake and they will be able to please you and your guests [Continue]

Chicken wings “Skinny”

Ingredients: chicken wings 20 pieces flour 0.5 cups tomato sauce 0.5 cups paprika 1 h. a spoon salt to taste ground black pepper to taste butter 60 grams garlic powder 1 st. a spoon   Cooking method: Wonderful little crispy chicken wings in a fragrant tomato-garlic sauce is easy to make at home. Post them [Continue]

Cake “Sex in the pan”

Ingredients: Nuts 250 grams butter 70 grams flour 100 grams sugar 3 Art. spoons cheese curd 500 grams powdered sugar 120 grams fatty cream 600 ml vanilla pudding 1 bag pudding 1 bag milk 1 liter Chocolate milk 90 grams   Cooking method: Initially looking at the recipe, it seems that the preparation of this [Continue]

Banana cake (3)

Ingredients: butter 180 grams sugar 2 cups eggs 3 pieces vanilla sugar 1 h. a spoon flour 3 cups baking soda 2 hours. spoons salt 1/4 hours. spoons yogurt 1/2 cup lemon juice 2 hours. spoons bananas 3 pieces butter 35 grams Bananas 2 pieces powdered sugar 2 cups milk 2 Art. spoons vanilla sugar [Continue]

Chocolate brownie (2)

Ingredients: butter 170 grams dark chocolate 100 grams Nuts 100 grams sugar 250 grams eggs 3 pieces flour 150 grams vanilla 1 gram   Cooking method: Who can be indifferent to the chocolate and nut dessert? Unless ardent haters of chocolate?)) But we have something you do not belong to them, so let’s prepare for [Continue]