Cake São Paulo State


butter – 150 g
sugar – 1 cup
cream of a 30% fat content – 2 cups of
peanut powder – 1 cup of
yolks raw egg – 4 pcs.
pastry galetnoe – 400 g
* maraschino cherry – 1/2 cup


Cooking method:

2/3 cup sugar Beat with chilled butter until smooth, gradually adding the cream.
Separate the egg yolks with the remaining sugar, warm water bath, stirring constantly, until smooth viscous consistency. After cooling, combine the egg mass with the oil without stopping beating.

At a diameter of about 25 cm to lay a layer of biscuits, pour a small amount of maraschino. Then put a layer of cooked cream, sprinkle a small amount of peanut, smooth spatula. Alternate layers in the same order until the run out of all the components (the latter should be a layer of cream with peanuts).

The finished product is cooled within 8 hours. Thereafter the cake from the mold release and serve.

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