Bograchguyyash (guyyash in the pot)





wheat flour 80 grams

cumin seeds, ground to taste
Powdered paprika 20 grams
fresh tomatoes 60 grams
pork fat 80 grams
garlic 2 cloves
onion 300 grams
green peppers 140 grams
→ or potatoes 1000 grams
beef flesh 1000 grams
egg 1 piece
salt 2 pinches
broth to taste
water to taste


Cooking method:


Juicy meat with lots of tendons (the blade portion, desperately, shank) cut into cubes with a side of 1,5-2 cm.


Onions finely chop. The pot roast onions in melted fat over low heat until golden brown.


Reduce the heat, put the peppers in the not too hot fat (not necessarily hot, otherwise burned paprika will taste bad and will not color), quickly stir and immediately add the meat, add salt and simmer, covered. At this stage, the water is not necessary to fill up, otherwise the meat will be cooked and not be extinguished, and guyyash acquire a taste of the soup of the Soviet canteen.


When the juice secreted by meat, evaporated, add the pounded garlic, mixed with cumin, the tide a little water and, stirring occasionally, continue to simmer on low heat. If necessary, add water, but always slowly, the meat is not cooked, but tushilos in a small amount of liquid, for a couple.


While stewed meat, peel and cut into cubes with a side of about 1 cm in potatoes (not crumbly), green peppers, tomatoes, and cook chipetke.


Preparation chipetke: flour, eggs and salt (without water) knead dough. Roll it on a board sprinkled with flour into a sheet of about 1 mm thickness, then floured fingers pinch off from his shapeless pieces, about the size of a fingernail.


When the meat is almost ready, let the juice to evaporate to burst only fat in the pot.


Add to the meat potatoes, stir well and simmer until then, until the potatoes are to glaze, then the tide bone broth and put green peppers and tomatoes.


When the potatoes are almost cooked, just before serving, put in the soup chipetke and give them a boil.


The final amount is adjusted by adding the soup bone stock or water, again followed by salt. The soup should be thick and rich.

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