Black tea with milk





black tea to taste

milk to taste


Brew black tea, for this use your favorite brand of tea and hot water from 90 to 100 degrees, brew 4-7 minutes.

In a cup pour milk (about a quarter of a cup) and then pour it has to brew black tea.
Black tea with milk is very good for the body and has a positive effect on him, as tea with milk is reduced in each other negative properties. So thanks to the milk, the amount of caffeine is reduced in tea, and milk is easier to digest with tea, which is very beneficial effect on digestion.
People who love black tea, are less prone to cardiovascular diseases, and are protected from heart attacks due to the antioxidants that it contains. And thanks to the calcium contained in milk, strengthens bones, which is especially important in the elderly. Also, milk tea has a positive effect on hair, nails and teeth.
It should be noted that this tea improves mood and a very good effect on the nervous system.
If you like tea with milk, it is necessary to know that milk reduces the amount of catechins – antioxidants contained in black tea. It is discovered by German scientists, what upset in the first place the British, who prefer to drink tea with milk.
If you like black tea with milk and do not want to change habits, can replace regular milk to soy, which does not contain casein – a protein that blocks the catechins

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