Bear paws





flour 500 grams
pork fat 200 grams
nuts, ground 180 grams
sugar 300 grams
Clove powder 2 pieces
Powdered cinnamon to taste
lemon peel 1 st. a spoon


Cooking method:

This is an old Hungarian recipe from my grandmother’s husband, she had baked it for Christmas cookies, see how products are not fancy, and I think the recipe is very old.

Sift the flour, add the fat, ground nuts, sugar, cinnamon, powdered cloves and zest from one lemon, mix well all-get-like mixture on the wet sand, fill the molds in preheated oven to 220 degrees vypekaem.Pechene should remain light, or peresushitsya.Esche hot cookies rolled in powdered sugar .chem longer will they stand, so will be more crumbly.

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