Banana and candy apple


banana, peeled and cut into large slices – 1 pcs
apple, peeled and seeds and cut into large cubes – 1 pc
wheat flour – 1 cup of
egg – 1 pc.
mixture of milk and water (1: 1) – 1/2 cup
salt – 1 pinch
olive oil – for frying
sugar – 1 cup
olive oil – 1 tbsp. spoon of
water – 3 tbsp. spoons


Cooking method:

All test components are mixed together in a blender. The resulting dough is dipped fruits and fry each piece separately in hot oil.
For the caramel sugar mixed with oil and water, put on a moderate fire and warmed to dissolve the sugar, then boil until a light brown color.

Each piece of fruit dipped in caramel cooked (you can do it with tweezers or chopsticks Chinese), and then put on a greased dish with olive oil. Serve after a full pour caramel.

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