Balls of shark fillet with olives





Shark meat is 500 grams
olives, pitted 30 pieces
onion 3 head
garlic 3 cloves
parsley 2 Art. spoons
green onion 1 st. a spoon
butter 1 st. a spoon
corn flour 2 Art. spoons
vegetable oil 2 cups
salt to taste


Cooking method:

Shark fillets soak in water for 3 hours, changing the water several times, then scald, remove bones, cut into slices and mince.

Onions and garlic finely chop, fry in butter, add the parsley, green onions, fillets. Add the cornmeal, salt and mix.

From the prepared mass sformuyte balls and fry them in oil.

To serve Arrange olives.

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