Baked tsotshali




About the recipe:

The most favorite fish in Georgia can be called brown trout. Translated tsotshali means “living”. But in Georgia tsotshali – rather, it is not a special kind of trout, and the method of its preparation. First, immediately after the catch trout jammed, preventing her from falling asleep. Secondly, the cooking of minimizing – or boiled fish just baked and then supplied with sauces. Only under these rules turns tsotshali with “live” taste. That is why authentic tsotshali can only try, where the fish are caught.



Trout 1 kilogram
walnut leaves 10-12 pieces
flour 1.5 cups
water 1/3 cup
salt to taste



The fish gut, wash and salt. The leaves of walnut lightly sprinkle with water, wrap them fish.


From flour and water knead the uncool, pasty dough. In the center of a square sheet of foil put the prepared fish, smear test it.


Firmly connect the edges of the foil, leaving a small hole in the center. Thus it is necessary to watch, that is not formed on the foil breaks.


Put the fish in foil on a baking sheet with walls, pour in the water pan approximately 1 cm in height, trying to keep water from getting inside the foil. Bake for 10-15 minutes at 200 ° C. Then remove the fish, free from all the shells and immediately bring to the table.

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