Assorted vegetables in lemon juice in Arabic (hamutsim)



sumeshi color to taste


Cooking method:


This kind of salt-pickled platter is very popular in Israel, almost every meat restaurant, or a tent for the sale shuarmy and falafel salad is sold together with the meat, with you can add it in a pita with shawarma or falafel as you want along with other salads.



Photo of Assorted Display the red arrow, and the other salads tavern selling shawarma.

This, along with assorted condiment Amba.

Pita with shawarma and tehina

The Arabs and Druze, this assortment is also popular, as in Russia sauerkraut and almost every Arab family its salts big plastic barrels.

The first time I tried it with shawarma 25 years ago, and as they say: – “Love at First Bite”
For many years, could not find the right recipe, but a couple of years ago, prompted by several colleagues, trial and with minor changes made the desired result considering my family’s taste.
the changes relate only to the severity of the cabbage, if the Arabs 3-4 hot peppers and lots of vinegar is the norm, it is enough for us 1-1.5 and less vinegar, plus I added apple and onion salad taste get more pleasant and varied.

Do not add spice Amba, and although it is made from a delicious mango fruit, but it is quite an unpleasant smell, so my wife and against, although in small doses and in brine it gives extra zest and flavor.

Amba (relish of pickled mangoes). One of the “pillars” of Israeli cuisine, inferior in popularity unless Tahini, Falafel and Schwarme. This seasoning was brought to Israel in the early 50-ies of the Jews from Iraq and India. According to culinary historian Gil Marks in his book Encyclopedia of Jewish Food, «thinly sliced ​​mango initially kept in brine for several days, which is then added to turmeric, powdered chili peppers, lemon peel and other spices.” The result is a sauce is very pungent and spicy.

By the way this recipe cuts and brought the Jews from Arab countries or from Morocco or Iraq, so I called in Arabic .

So go directly to the recipe

For salting take:
Velok cabbage-2kg, 2kg velok cauliflower, 4 carrots, 2 kohlrabi, apple and onion 1-2. 2 peppers 1 hot pepper
Brine: a glass of lemon juice, a glass of 5% vinegar, 3 cups hot water, 3.5. spoons of salt, 1 tbsp. spoonful of sugar, tablespoon turmeric, you can also add radish, garlic stalks seldereya.

After cooking, you can adjust and fix to your taste level of salt and vinegar by adding them, or reduce the simple addition of a little water, or sugar.

And then watch my step by step recipe videos with music

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