Apples with caramel or chocolate of your choice





apples to taste

chocolate milk to taste
caramel taste



1. The first step is to prepare the apples. They need to be carefully washed, cut into two pieces, remove the core with the pulp. Hearts need to leave just a little bit to the wall are not damaged, so the work should be carefully and very accurately. The flesh can eat or cook mashed potatoes, it is no longer useful to us. 2. Next, you want to break the stuffing. Like chocolate and candy can be melted in a water bath or in a microwave oven. 3. When filling liquid reaches the desired consistency, it can be poured. Spread half of apples on a tray or other support. Stuffing should pour very carefully, so it does not shed. 4. Now you can send the apples in the refrigerator until completely pour stuffing. 5. Once the filling becomes firm, you can get the apples and cut into slices. 6. You can bring to the table and delight children or surprise your guests with culinary skills. It turned out really tasty, original and very useful.

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