Grapes 2 kilograms
pumpkin 1 piece
grape leaves 5-6 pieces


Cooking method:

1. From the grape squeeze the juice, bring it to a boil, remove from heat and cool.

2. pumpkins cut “caps”, choose the seeds and some of the pulp so as to obtain a thin-walled container. “Cappings” clean from fibers.

3. Grape juice to fill the prepared pumpkin. Cover the leaves of grapes, and then – “caps”.

4. The earth-sized pumpkins dig holes, put them in the pumpkin juice and completely fill them with a thin layer of earth. Ahtashiri will be ready in two to three months.

Note: For ahtashiri cold – not a hindrance. On the contrary: ahtashiri should be frozen a bit. No wonder it is cooked in the mountainous regions with harsh climates, where snow falls early and quickly freeze the ground.

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