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Yogurt sauce with cucumber and mint


  About the recipe: Serve this sauce with meat dishes. In the hot season it can also serve as a refreshing snack.   Ingredients: yoghurt 250 milliliters cucumbers 2 pieces dill 3-4 sprigs salt to taste black pepper to taste   Cooking method: 1. Cucumbers are washed, cut into small pieces, lightly salt and leave [Continue]

Fish with peppers and aubergines


  Ingredients: fish 1 kilo sweet pepper 2 pieces eggplant 1 piece onions 2 heads sunflower oil 1 cup cilantro 3-4 sprigs dill 3-4 sprigs parsley 3-4 sprigs dry white wine 1 cup salt to taste ground black pepper to taste   The fish gut, clean of scales, wash, then cut into portions. Sweet peppers, [Continue]



  Ingredients: Grapes 2 kilograms pumpkin 1 piece grape leaves 5-6 pieces   Cooking method: 1. From the grape squeeze the juice, bring it to a boil, remove from heat and cool. 2. pumpkins cut “caps”, choose the seeds and some of the pulp so as to obtain a thin-walled container. “Cappings” clean from fibers. [Continue]



  Ingredients: fruit or berry juice to taste   Cooking method: 1. Freshly juice bring to a boil, reduce heat to very weak and boil down the juice without the lid to reduce the amount of liquid by half. During cooking, you need to periodically remove the foam formed. 2. To continue the cooking to [Continue]

Gozinaki dough


  About the recipe: Gozinaki dough for the preparation of technology reminiscent of the famous biscuits “fagots”, and taste similar to Tatar dish “chak-chak”. There is speculation that this dish was brought to Georgia Polovtsy in the XII century, and received its name by analogy with gozinakami nuts.   Ingredients: wheat flour 2-3 cups egg [Continue]



  Ingredients: beef shin 1 kilogram celery 50 grams parsley 5-6 sprigs onion 1 head Garlic 2-3 cloves allspice 2-3 pea bay leaves 1-2 pieces salt to taste   Meat wash, cut into pieces of medium size, put in a saucepan, pour 2.5 liters of water, bring it to a boil. The fire reduced so [Continue]