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Trout in a pita


  Ingredients: Trout – 300 g pita bread – 500 g tarragon and cilantro (green) – 1 beam butter – 70 g ground black pepper – 1 pinch of salt to taste   Cooking method: Trout clean, gut, remove the gills, rinse. At the bottom of a greased pan put pita bread, and on it [Continue]

Hush (soup broth lytok)


  Ingredients: lytki 1 piece Beef pulp 200 grams tripe 300 grams garlic 2 cloves salt to taste radish taste basil to taste parsley to taste tarragon to taste pita bread to taste   Lytki rinse, cover with cold water to cover the lytki layer of 15-20 cm and cook without salt over low heat [Continue]

Chirapur (cold soup)


  Ingredients: chickpeas 1/2 cup water 8 glasses dried apricots 1 cup refined sugar 10 pieces   Peas soak for 10 hours.   Rinse, free from the husk.   Cook the chickpeas until tender. Add apricots.   Then add sugar, boil the soup until tender and cool under the lid. Serve chilled.

“Kchuch fish”


  Ingredients: mackerel fillet with skin 1 kilogram onion 5 pieces butter 100 grams tomatoes 4 pieces sweet pepper 4 pieces grape wine 1/2 cup pepper black pepper 10 pieces allspice 6 pieces ground red pepper 1/2 hours. spoons herbs tarragon 2 Art. spoons batter 100 grams salt to taste   Onions cut into half [Continue]

Basturma in Armenian


  Ingredients: sirloin of beef 600 grams onions 2 pieces wine vinegar 1/2 cup green onion 2 beam lemon 1 piece parsley 1 beam Pomegranate 2 pieces Grapefruit 2 pieces ground black pepper 2 pinches salt to taste   Beef tenderloin cut into pieces weighing 30-40 g   Sprinkle with salt and pepper.   Onions [Continue]

Pastyner with pumpkin


  Ingredients: flesh of mutton 400 grams onions 2 pieces pumpkin 500 grams wheat flour 1 h. a spoon tomatoes 2 pieces melted butter 4 Art. spoons parsley 1 beam ground black pepper 1 pinch salt to taste   Mutton washed, cut the tendon and the film, cut into cubes weighing 20-30 g   Fry [Continue]

Tolma in cabbage


  Ingredients: Cabbage leaves 8 pieces apricots 3 Art. spoons quince 2 pieces → or apples 2 pieces tomato puree 1 st. a spoon melted butter 2 Art. spoons lamb 400 grams Figure 3 Art. spoons onions 2 pieces coriander to taste → or mint 1 beam → or green basil 1 beam water 2 [Continue]



  Ingredients: zucchini 1 piece potatoes 4 pieces onion 1 piece sweet pepper 1 piece green beans 1/2 cup tomatoes 2 pieces vegetable oil 4 Art. spoons garlic 3 cloves greens 1/2 cup ground black pepper 1 pinch salt to taste   Squash peeled, cut into cubes.   Potatoes cut into cubes.   Onions cut [Continue]

Mshosh bean


  Ingredients: red kidney beans 1 cup Dogwood 1/2 cup → barberry or 1/2 cup almonds 1/2 cup raisins 1/2 cup broth 1/4 cup salt to taste   The pre-soaked in cold water for 5-8 hours to boil the beans in plenty of water, drain the broth in a separate bowl, mash with beans.   [Continue]